Thursday, November 10, 2011

Education: The Cost of Ignorance and My Thoughts

 Education: The Cost of Ignorance”, a commentary by Renee D. expresses how America is expected to be “ahead of other countries” educationally and yet does not receive the support necessary to achieve that goal.  Renee believes that teachers are at the root of good education and that with budget cuts on education, teacher moral is lost and education suffers.  She provides a statement from Senator Richard Durbin which emphasizes her argument that education is necessary especially during difficult times because it can be what turns our economic future around.  Senator Durbin states, ““we’re trying to make sure we save these jobs and give our students a good education across America in these difficult times.” 
I believe Renee’s argument is more likely directed at a Democratic audience since they are more likely to support government spending which is what will need to happen just to keep some public school teachers on the job.  The article, “Senate rejects bill to keep teachers, first responders on job”, that Renee refers to also leads me to believe that her argument is directed at a Democratic audience because the article talks about how all of the Republicans in Congress rejected the bill that would keep teachers on the job. 
Renee’s commentary is definitely logical as it touches upon things that don’t need much research to prove their truths.  Like Renee’s comment that “the less educated an individual is, the more likely they will need assistance because they are not able to make it in today’s demanding workforce.”  Renee makes a very clear and forward argument that “education is the main factor that can enrich our future.”  I think that we are so focused on the short run answers to our economy that we have forgotten how important human capital is to our long run economy which is just as important if not more important; after all we do have to start somewhere. 

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